1. How can I change a Rule?

See Rule 28, Rules of the Supreme Court. There are two ways that you can file a petition or a comment:
   1) Electronically through the Court Rules Forum. The forum contains instructions and answers to frequently asked questions.
   2) In paper format at the Arizona Supreme Court Clerk’s Office. If you file a petition in paper, you must submit an original and six copies and also provide a disk with the document in both “Word” and “PDF” format. If you file a comment in paper, you must provide a disk with the comment in “Word” format along with your original and six copies. Usually, petitions must be filed by January 10th, comments by May 20th and replies by June 30th of each year. The court usually makes its decision in September. See the Rules Forum or Rule 28, Rules of the Supreme Court, for more details.

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