Questions about court procedure
1. How do I file a Motion for Reconsideration?
2. How do I calculate the days for service?
3. How do I challenge a decision of another court?
4. How long do I have to file my Petition for Review to the Arizona Supreme Court?
Questions about copies and format of documents
1. How many copies do I need to give to the court?
2. What color does the cover of my brief have to be and what does it mean to bind the brief?
3. How do I get copies of oral argument?
Questions about filing/case documents
1. How do I look at my case documents?
2. How do I file my document?
3. Are your case dockets on line?
4. Can I e-file?
Questions about fees
1. How can I be reimbursed for attorneys’ fees for filing my case?
2. Can I be reimbursed for costs of filing my case?
3. How can filing fees be paid and how much are they?
Questions about court decisions
1. How will I know the court’s decision?
2. How will I learn when my case is scheduled?
3. Why can’t I talk to the judges in private?
4. When will my case be heard?
5. Can I come to the hearing?
Questions about changes to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona
1. How can I change a Rule?
Questions about attorneys and judges
1. How do I find a lawyer to help me?
2. How do I file a complaint against a judge?
3. How do I file a complaint against an attorney?
4. How do I file a complaint against the State Bar?
Questions about the State Bar of Arizona and dues
1. How do I get a Certificate of Good Standing ?
2. Where and when do I get my State Bar membership number?
3. When am I admitted to practice law?
4. How long do I have to be admitted after I pass the Bar?
5. How much are my dues?