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This page will provide you with updated information regarding on-going AOC actions and the implementation of the statute.  As progress is made, and specific tasks are accomplished, we will provide the updated information here. 

checkmark picDecember 10, 2009 - Sign up for CORP Updates
Following are sign up instructions to receive the latest CORP updates via email

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By signing up, you will receive email updates anytime new statues, minutes, agenda's and or other
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checkmark picAugust 4, 2009 - Member's 2009 Annual Statements
CORP Members' 2009 Annual Contribution Statements have been processed and e-mailed to County Payroll Departments for distribution to members.  Employees who have set up personal accounts can access this information at any time throughout the year via the PSPRS Website at  Questions or concerns regarding your personal statement should be directed to, Members' Service Department.
checkmark picMarch 26, 2009 - Pre-Retirement Seminars
Effectively immediately! As a result of budget and system changes within the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) training unit, outside training, which includes the pre-retirement seminars, will no longer be available to County Probation employees. ADOA has advised that they are currently working on an improved registration process and may, in the future, be able to resume offering outside training. The CORP Administrative office will continue to follow up and post any updated information regarding the start up of these seminars as it is received. Please be advised that the CORP office is your primary point of contact to discuss your individual retirement needs. To receive personal individual attention regarding your retirement, we will be happy to schedule a meeting with you in person or via telephone.  You may contact us by calling (602) 452-3650 or e-mailing
checkmark pic March 5, 2008 - CORP Annual Report - FY June 30, 2007
The 21st Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the Corrections Officer Retirement Plan for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2007 is now available for viewing.
checkmark pic February 12, 2008 - Member Information Fact Sheet


CORP will provide an annual statement to each member after June 30th of each year. Members can access their Member Contribution Statement online at any time:

• Go to (Public Safety Personnel Retirement System)

• Next, click on Active Members Only on the left side of the webpage under PSPRS Applications heading.

• Follow the instructions. When asked to locate your employer, select ADMIN. OFFICE OF THE COURT. If you have any problems accessing your statement, please contact the Active Member Department at (602) 255-5575.

Some members have expressed a concern regarding the availability of “financial advisors” through CORP. There are no “financial advisors” through CORP or ASRS for that matter. Any member with questions regarding their estimated retirement benefit, CORP membership, or issues for decision by the Local Board should contact the CORP Retirement Specialist, Lu McLendon, at (602) 452-3650. If Lu cannot answer your questions, then she will refer you to someone who can at CORP/PSPRS.  For the most current information regarding the CORP Local Board, including board meeting agendas and minutes, visit our website at  

checkmark pic February 15, 2007 - Joinder Agreement signed, Board Members Appointed
On February 8th, the CORP Joinder agreement was signed between the AOC and the CORP Fund Administrator. A copy of the agreement is posted on the website.

The agreement has an effective transfer date of July 1, 2007. All qualifying officers must complete either a CORP application form or an opt-out form prior to that date. These forms will be posted on this website at a later date and the completion of these forms will be coordinated through your individual probation departments.

The initial meeting of the CORRECTIONS OFFICER RETIREMENT PLAN LOCAL BOARD FOR THE SUPERIOR COURT was held on February 8th. The initial members of the board, appointed by the Chief Justice, are Mr. James Bruner, Mr. Phillip Hanley, and Mr. Kevin Kluge. Biographical information on these board members will be posted on this website as well as notices of future board meetings. In accordance with statute, two additional board members will be elected by the membership after the July 1, 2007 transfer date.



checkmark pic December 1, 2006 - Draft Joinder Agreement

A copy of the draft Joinder Agreement has been mailed to the Chairperson of each County’s Board of Supervisors and the Presiding Judge in each County.  The counties are asked to submit any questions or comments regarding the Joinder agreement back to the AOC by January 12, 2007.

The effective date on the agreement is July 1, 2007. This transfer date simplifies the process of transferring funds from ASRS to CORP.  It also simplifies the transfer of Purchase Service Agreement (PSA)  funds from ASRS to CORP It will also give those with PSAs more time to accumulate credit for prior years

Highlights of the agreement include:

All credited service in ASRS as of the date of transfer (July 1, 2007) will move to CORP on a one-to-one basis with the employer covering any and all expenses. 

For those with PSAs, all service purchased and credited in ASRS as of the transfer date (July 1, 2007) will move to CORP on a one-to-one basis with the employer covering any and all expenses.   For those with PSAs extending past the transfer date, the employee will continue to make payments to ASRS in accordance with their contract.  On an annual basis (on or about July 1 each year)  the employee will have the option of leaving their service credits in ASRS, transferring the ASRS credits for partial credit in CORP, or paying the cash difference needed to achieve a one-to-one service credit transfer from ASRS to CORP.

A link to the Draft Joinder Agreement is provided below and on the Home Page of this website.

Draft Joinder Agreement

checkmark pic  November 17, 2006 - Actuarial Valuation Completed

A.R.S. 38-902 requires that before a Joinder agreement is signed, an actuarial valuation must be completed to determine the estimated cost to the employer of participation in the plan. That actuarial valuation has been completed and shows that the estimated employer contribution rate for this year will be less under CORP (8.71% under CORP compared to 9.1% under ASRS). Estimates are that the CORP employer contribution rate will also continue to be lower next year (estimated at 9.25% for CORP and 9.6% for ASRS).

The current employee contribution rate under CORP is 8.5% and is expected to go down to 7.96% next year.

checkmark pic October 12, 2006, New CORP Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Lula (Lu) Mclendon has been hired to serve as the CORP coordinator.  Lu handled the day-to-day operation of the Department of Corrections CORP program since 1990 and is very knowledgeable of the program.  With Lu's hiring, the CORP function will move to the Administrative Service Division of the AOC where it will reside in the Human Resources Department.  We are pleased to have her join our team.

Lu's e-mail address is:

Telephone Number: 602.452.3650

Please join us in welcoming Lu to the Court family.

checkmark pic September 12, 2006, CORP Medical Exam

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the section included in A.R.S. 38-884 quoted in the July 19, 2006 Update, which states staff transferring to CORP "shall undergo a medical exam", we want to reiterate the language of the statute that states:

"Medical examinations conducted under this article shall not be conducted or used for purposes of hiring, advancement, discharge, job training or other terms, conditions and privileges of employment unrelated to receipt or qualification for pension benefits or service credits from the fund."

This specific exam for staff transferring into CORP is not intended, nor will it be used, as a screening or qualifying tool for membership in CORP.  For an explanation of the purpose, please see the July 19, 2006 Update below.

checkmark pic July 19, 2006, CORP Medical Exam

In discussions with CORP, it has been determined that under existing Statute (A.R.S. 38-884) probation and detention staff transferring to CORP "shall undergo a medical exam".  Subsection B of the statute states:

"The purpose of the medical examination authorized by this section is to identify a member's physical or mental condition or injury that existed or occurred before the member's date of membership in the plan.  Any employee who fails or refuses to submit to the medical examination prescribed in this section is deemed to waive all rights to disability benefits under this article.  Medical examinations conducted under this article shall not be conducted or used for purposes of hiring, advancement, discharge, job training or other terms, conditions and privileges of employment unrelated to receipt or qualification for pension benefits or service credits from the fund.  This subsection does not affect or impair the right of an employer to prescribe medical or physical standards for employees or prospective employees".

Discussions are ongoing regarding how this component of the transition will be implemented.  We will post updates as details become available.  Click Here to view A.R.S. 38-884.

 checkmark pic JUNE 16, 2006 

On June 16, 2006, Dave Byers, AOC Administrative Director and select AOC staff met with CORP fund manager, Jim Hacking and CORP attorney, Marc Lieberman, including Lou Ebratt, President of the Probation Officer's Association to discuss the issues, tasks, and plan reasonable time frames to complete the transition from Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) to CORP.

 The following are the major elements of the development plan:

  • Provide employee data to ASRS, who will conduct an actuarial valuation study as required by statute.  Each probation department and juvenile detention center will be requested to submit employee information or submit the employee information at the Chief's Meeting in mid-July.  Based on earlier estimates on a large sample of employees, financial obstacles are not anticipated.

  • AOC staff and CORP will collaborate to establish an education and information dissemination campaign, along with the use of this website to ensure that questions from staff are answered in a timely, open and easily accessed manner.  Meetings will be facilitated with county managers, CORP and ASRS staff to ensure communication among all who are affected by the change in the system and process.

  • AOC will develop and approve a joinder agreement with CORP, which is required by the new legislation.  We anticipate timely approval.

  • A determination will be made regarding staffing and funding of the Judiciary "Local Board", including member appointments, elections and training for Board members as required by statute.  Research will be conducted regarding how other members of CORP have met the transitioning challenges.

  • Provide a mechanism to give officers the option to "opt out" of CORP prior to the effective date of the transition.

  • Collaborate with departments to organize a second collection of employee data before the effective transition date.  The second collection will provide CORP and ASRS with a final list of employees transitioning to CORP.

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